Altar Guild

Assist in preparing for Communion Services, assist female candidates at Baptismal Services.

Book Store (Faith Food Store)

Assist the congregation with the purchase of bookstore merchandise. Assist special guests with the sell of their merchandise. Responsible for the duplication and distribution of recordings of selected church services.

Clerk Department

Orientates new members on procedures to follow for membership.


Assist with the comfort of Faith4life church member’s families during their time of bereavement. Make hospital/home visits to those who are ill as needed.


Set up all audio/visual equipment for scheduled church events and rehearsals. Also, responsible for audio recording services.

Greeters (Female)

Function as hostesses with the seating of parishioners, maintain attendance record, and assist with the control of services, homegoings, and other major services as needed.


Assist in welcoming first time guests, providing information and offering refreshments in a loving and caring atmosphere. Assist with preparation and serving food at church events.

Information Desk Counter

Assist the congregation with general information for various church events.

Keep'n It Clean (K.I.C. Team)

Assists in general cleaning and upkeep of all Faith4Life Church properties.

Lay Responders

Helps address medical needs, medical emergency and serves as a heath resource.


Operate all visual equipment for scheduled church events.

Music Ministry

Ministers in song with the Praise Team, Choir, or playing an instrument in the orchestra or band.

Parking Lot Attendants

Assist in keeping church traffic moving in a safe and timely manner.

Ushers (Male)

Assist with seating parishioners and maintains control for worship services, homegoings and other events upon request.